New to Contract Staffing

In the healthcare industry contract staffing refers to a healthcare provider who is filling in on a contract basis. You will be an employee of Just In Time Staffing assigned to work at a particular client site. The client provides professional oversite and Just In Time provides the administrative oversite. This type of job experience allows you to gain the freedom of choosing the opportunities you want to work while providing you the flexibility for a more rewarding career and personal lifestyle.


Competitive compensation is typically based on hourly rates. Providers are paid semi-monthly, two weeks in arrears; medical liability, travel and lodging expenses are covered as needed.

We routinely provide workers compensation, liability insurance, health exams, tax withholding, FICA, etc. We also have a robust benefits package that easily attracts the best and brightest candidates.


Assignments can be a few months months to multiple years based on the needs of the facility and the length of time the provider wants to work. Please talk to one of our staffing consultants to discuss your specific interest.

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