At Just In Time Staffing, we’ve developed and honed an extremely effective process for identifying, recruiting, and presenting top-notch clinical health care staff to clients in the healthcare industry. Based on ISO 9008 standards, this process has helped us to identify and successfully recruit candidates that our clients believe have added tremendously to these clients’ capabilities.

When you partner with Just In Time Staffing on a need, we’ll present the specifics of our process and communicate its parameters, as well as the expectations involved. We believe that frequent communication throughout the interviewing and recruiting process, in addition to the establishing clear expectations, results in a highly successful assignment with a highly qualified candidate.


At Just In Time Staffing, we’re experts at providing human resources solutions to the government sector. Backed by an executive team with deep knowledge of federal contracting regulations, we understand and respond to the industry’s changing and unique needs – from short term temporary staffing to long term contract staffing – and have readied professionals to meet those needs and be a part of your team.


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